Friday, August 10, 2007

Will Sit for Pickles

We've been having a hard time getting this blog off the ground. And I take full responsibility of that. I only have about a week left of work before full-time mommy kicks in and hopefully I'll be more inspired to write daily posts. Also, Grammy hasn't really gotten set up here yet either. Also my fault.

In the meantime.... Dayna has been hitting milestones all the time! About a week and a half or two weeks ago she decided all the sudden that she could sit up on her own. Aunt C is actually the one that discovered it. She took her to the park, sat her on the ground, and that was it. Now Dayna sits for most of the day. She's usually content just to sit and play with her toys. Which she has tons of.

She's also been trying out some finger foods but probably not as much as she should. Again, my fault. Foodtime is just so messy so I mostly leave the self-feeding to dinner time right before her bath. Yesterday she flung the supposedly unmovable suction-cupped bowl half full of sweet potatoes across the dining room and all over the floor.

Although I didn't hear her laugh at her new trick, she is starting to be quite the funny little kid. She laughs at everything and even has this funny laugh ala Muttley. It's like an old man "huh huh huh" laugh and is so contagious that sometimes we'll laugh at her laugh and then she'll laugh back, and it just keeps going. She's so fun.

I'm pretty sure Grandpa gives her all kinds of food babies "shouldn't" have, but her favorite is definately pickles. And whatever you do, do NOT take away her pickle in public. She will scream bloody murder within seconds and will not accept substitutes. Lemons are also delicious.