Saturday, February 23, 2008

Books and a Growing Vocabulary

Dayna is full of new words. I don't remember all the ones I put up here before... but in addition she can say:

Poppy (what she calls her grandpa)
Bo (for book)
Ba (for bottle or sippy)
Night Night
Trooper (the dog)
Daisy (the kitty)
Easy (what we tell the dog instead of "gentle")

We probably read at least 20 books a day. But most of those are the same book over and over. She has a new favorite almost every day.

Next month the whole family is going to San Diego for a week. We're getting her a new umbrella stroller and already got her a swimsuit. Any tips on traveling with a toddler? We'll be flying but the flight is only two hours, luckily. And it's a direct one. We're doing to Disney Adventure Park, San Diego Zoo, and Universal Studios Hollywood. And of course the beach and some shopping.

Dayna currently likes headbutting -- aka "bonks".

She's anxious to do more playing outside, and frankly, so am I. We are SO ready for spring.

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