Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hello delicious cherry puffs!

Mommy is now officially full-time mommy. No more "wake-up, hurry up breakfast, maybe clothes today -- out the door" mommy. Nope. Now it's more like "roll around in bed, play with food, roll around playing on floor, never leave baby" mommy. And things are much more fun this way.

All the mommy-baby time means that I don't miss out on anything. However, it also means that some of the cute little things I'd normally be so impressed about and want to record here for all times are more normal and become things I might forget to write down. But I want to! Because I don't want to forget any of this. And I want all of you to share it too.

I'm slowly catching up on pictures from the past month or so. It takes a lot of time to go through them, do corrections, organize them, and finally upload them to flickr and then add titles, descriptions, and maybe add them to the neat map thing they have there. I think I've done about 25-30% of the pictures so far. The one posted to the left here is one of my favorites, from when we went to the zoo a few weeks ago. Although it looks like she's waving, that was an accident. She's actually just starting to figure out waving purposefully for "hello."

Dayna's also been eating more finger foods. We got her these star-shaped puff things, cherry-flavored, and she loves them. Also, freeze-dried apples that kinda melt in her mouth. And peas, and corn, and whatever else is around for her to pick up herself. She's getting her grasper-pincher reflex/fine motor skills and it's really neat to watch her figure it all out. Even if she drops a lot of it before it actually gets into her mouth.
On tomorrow's agenda: play!

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Lauren said...

Yay for the new SAHM! Im so glad you can finally sleep a little and not be so tired. You were working insane amounts.

Enjoy Dayna-cakes, and thanks for the new blog, its fun to see her grow!