Thursday, August 23, 2007

Is that baby crawling yet?

Today, while Dayna was playing with her toys on the floor, she leaned forward and stretched, trying to reach a toy just a little too far away. Both hands were planted firmly on the ground, her left leg ready in the crawl position, and her right leg tucked under and in front of her. She lurched forward once, twice, three time, and then fell over.

Nope, she's not crawling yet. But she does do that little trick every day now. She's very close, I think, but she just hasn't quite figured out how to kick that one leg out to get moving. Other people seem to be in a big hurry for this milestone, but I'm sure not. I know that once she's fully mobile I'll spend my days running after her and working harder to keep her out of trouble. No thanks, I'll just keep my non-toddling baby. For now. I know it won't last.

I've added a few more pictures to flickr but I'm done for the night. I definitely want to go to bed earlier tonight. Dayna wakes up way too early for me to be staying up just because "I don't have to work tomorrow." Actually, work didn't take as much energy as staying home with Dayna does.

But look at the adorable face I get to wake up to! The picture posted today looks like she's winking, huh? She actually does this fairly often I guess, although I haven't really noticed it. Auntie A. pointed it out and I have no idea why she sometimes "blinks with only one eye." Some people have a hard time winking, for her, it comes naturally I guess. Along with growling like a dragon, curling an Elvis lip, and rolling her tongue up like a taco.

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