Tuesday, August 28, 2007


There have been no posts the past few days because mommy has been exhausted. That's not to say I'm rested now, but I did have a large mocha so that kinda helps.

Dayna has been... I really don't know how to say it accurately but still nicely. Cranky? Whiney? Adorable devil-spawn? Maybe all those put together plus some. You see, she's teething. And she has been teething for months now, but there's this one tooth on the bottom that is trying really hard and so far unsuccessfully to push through. So she's had a little fever, and is very clingy, very impatient, and crying all the time. To make it worse, she also has a little cold that stuffs her up. The cold alone wouldn't be anything to her though if it wasn't for the other stuff. It mostly just keeps her from sleeping on her back. She's more comfortable on her tummy with her legs tucked up under her anyway.

And the very worst part of all this for me, mommy, is that I am the only one she wants at night. Which means that daddy, who normally takes the entire night shift, must resort to handing her off to already exhausted mommy even though mommy has clearly had her fill of cranky baby throughout the extremely long day. But what can ya do?

I have a rare quiet moment right now -- morning nap. Yesterday's was two hours which is amazing for her, but I'm not silly enough to wish for this two days in a row. It's been a half an hour already and I expect her to wake any moment now, be happy for 30 minutes, then get back to her crankiness.

She is always happy outside. So we've been spending lots of time there. And tomorrow or the next day we'll go to the State Fair. Hopefully after that the tooth will be through and we'll be done with this business. Until the next tooth.

And she's awake!


Lauren said...

Urg, I feel your pain. Ans you summed it perfectly...you are the only one she wants, and you are so tired and worn you are about in tears yourself.

I have found baths to be a sanity saver. I put Liam in the tub when he gets teething pain/crabbiness. It distracts him while the baby tylenol gets to work. He'll even let dad do bath time, so I can slip off and stare at the wall in exhaustion. Lol...

James said...

I don't have a real comment on this except to say I empathize with you, heh. This blog is a great idea btw, getting any information out of max is like pulling teeth :-P

Maria Helena said...

I am so happy for you and Max, dear! I cannot believe I missed this! I was away from so long (again) and had no idea about the baby! I feel cheated... *L*

anyway... I want to say that I am very happy for you and she is a beauty! Congratulations and all my best best wishes to the three of you.

Miss you!!!!

Maria Helena (aka Lady Hannah)