Tuesday, January 8, 2008

One Year


- Is one year old today

- Can walk (starting the day after Christmas)

- Is really funny

- Has completely changed my life -- for the better

- Is SO smart

- Can say several words (Yesterday: No, no, no oopa -- oopa=Trooper, the dog)

- Loves toys and books

- Takes three naps a day

- Has lots of blonde hair with curls

- Has the most beautiful, big, blue eyes

- Loves any kind of berry, and lots of vegetables (especially green ones)

- Covers her ears with both hands to be cute and funny ("I can't hear you")

- Loves her family and animals

- Is growing up WAY TOO FAST

Happy birthday baby girl.

1 comment:

saucy_senorita said...

that's a super cute pic of the both of you!