Monday, January 14, 2008

Where's the Line?

Dayna has been testing limits and boundaries. She'll throw food on the floor, wait for me to tell her "no," then take a bite, then throw it on the floor again. Repeatedly. But I know that she knows where the line actually is. Let me give you an example.

Today I was finishing up my lunch and she was wheeling around in her walker. (She had already let me know that she was done by first throwing all her food on the floor, and then standing up in her high chair.) I was in the next room and heard her saying "No no no no no." And then she brought me a phone charger. She knew she wasn't supposed to have it. So she told herself "No," then brought it to me.

Or yesterday we all went out to eat. She would throw food on the floor, look at me to see if I was watching, and if not, she would correct herself. "No no no."

Obviously I've been hearing this word a lot lately.

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saucy_senorita said...

She's just testing her The tod's at school do it ALL THE TIME. They do it just to get a reaction out of you! We usually try to not say No, but instead tell them something to do, like eat some certain thing, can you eat this, can you find the usually works. Plus they usually stop with the no and are stumped for a day or so..ha ha.